WS 7078 humidity values  (Gelesen 3096 mal)


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WS 7078 humidity values
am: 27.12.2002, 14:15:00
Hi !
Sorry if I write this message in English, but I come from Italy and I do not know German...
I've just purchased a TFA WS7078 433 Mhz station, but the humidity values read on the station differ from values read on two mechanical hygrometers of about 20%....
This is my first digital Weather Station: it's all right or there are some problems with my station ?
Thanks in advance for your answers !
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WS 7078 humidity values
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WS 7078 humidity values
Antwort #1 am: 27.12.2002, 20:22:00
Hi Daniela!

Both - the electronical and the mechanical - instrumens are lying! One more - one less.

You have to calibrate the sensors with some chemicals. The weather providers of your region will offer cards with the actual humidity values so you can estimate, what sensor is (more) wrong.

If your new sensor differs 20% then it is broken and you should return it.

Best wishes

(from the Bodensee - Swiss/Austrian boarder)